More great feedback!

Friday 09 July 2010

Most people will know that one of the awards we have at Moortown Primary School is the Basic Skills Quality Mark which recognises the great work our staff do in teaching key skills such as reading, writing and maths. Recently, we had a monitoring visit and here’s some of the feedback we’ve received:

Moortown Primary is a lively, united school which provides a welcome learning environment.

The key to the school’s recent successes is the detailed knowledge that the staff have about the abilities and attributes of every child. The Headteacher maintains a comprehensive tracking system…devised by himself to fit the needs of the school. He has at any one moment up to date knowledge of how each pupil is progressing.

Staff have questioned the elements of the curriculum and teaching style that work best for the school’s children…it is relevant to all pupils. Different styles of learning have been addressed. The detailed staff knowledge of the pupils means that work is planned effectively to meet individual need.

Pupils met on the monitoring visit were lively and fully engaged in their learning.

This and other recent recognition (such as Miss Collins’ award for care and guidance, Yorkshire Evening Press awards for best topic and learning mentor, our success at the ICT Celebrating Success conference) show just how fantastic Moortown Primary School is.  Quite possibly our best ever Year 6 SAT results back this up, too!