Learning letters and sounds

Sunday 10 October 2010

This week we’ll begin to learn letters (graphemes) and the sounds they make (phonemes).  There are several websites that contain information and activities which you could try at home.

Your child will be taught how to pronounce sounds correctly to make blending easier. Each week, we’ll let you know which sounds we’re learning.  This weeks sounds are s, a, t, p.

Sounds should be sustained where possible (e.g. sss, fff, mmm) and where this is not possible, ‘uh’ sounds after consonants should be reduced as far as possible (this means, try to avoid saying ‘buh’ for ‘b’, ‘cuh’ for ‘c’ etc.)

For a demonstration of how to pronounce the phonemes visit the Get Reading Right website and click on free resources.

Remember to practise little and often, and have fun!