15 October 2010

Friday 15 October 2010

This week’s spellings all start with a prefix and will be tested on Thursday 21 October (the last day of half term!).

All of the prefixes originate from Latin or Ancient Greek. For example, ‘auto’ means ‘self’ and ‘bi’ means ‘two’ or ‘twice’. You might be able to spot similar words in other European languages.

The first 10 spellings (in bold) are for everyone and the last 5 are for adjectives and adverbs unless your child has been told otherwise.

Try writing spellings in a sentence such as “Please can I have your autograph, Mr Owen?” or “I hate watching cartoons on television!”

Practising spellings a little and often is usually the best way to make sure that they stay in your head, rather than just doing well on the test.