05 November 2010

Thursday 04 November 2010

This week’s homework is Creative and is due on Wednesday 10 November.

I can show what I have learnt about Silas Marner.

We’ve been finding out about the story of Silas Marner, a story set in Victorian times, centred around a man wrongly accused of stealing his community’s money. He is found guilty of the crime by the drawing of lots, a system which many thought was unfair, and was rejected from his home. Trying to come to terms with this betrayal, he seaches for somewhere to live and eventually finds the village of Raveloe.

You must be creative and show what you have learnt so far. You could concentrate on one part, or try and represent all of what you’ve found out.

You could create a:

Try to be as creative as possible within the A4 page limit. Some of the creations for the last piece of homework were wonderful – let’s make these even better!