Entering the story of Silas Marner

Thursday 04 November 2010

“This is a story about secrets,

Secrets burried deep,

Secrets held for years and years,

Until the time is right,

For the secrets to come to light.

This is where the story begins…”

Today we had a really exciting chance to take part in some interactive drama about the famous story of Silas Marner. Blah Blah Blah Theatre Company came to lead the afternoon, having trained Mr Owen and Mrs Hazell so they could take part too.

The story is set over 200 years ago (so links nicely to our Vile Victorians topic!) and centres around Silas Marner, a man wrongly accused of stealing his community’s money, as he is rejected from his home and eventually find a new home in Raveloe.

Class 5 got involved with the story, discussing Silas’ thoughts, emotions and actions, the justice of ‘drawing lots’ to decide innocence or guilt and decided how the village of Raveloe looked. Everyone was really active and engaged, so WELL DONE to the whole class.

We’re going to have another look at the second half of the story next Thursday. We can’t wait to see what secrets will be revealed!