Friday 07 January 2011

This week we’ve been recovering from a flooded classroom.

At the end of last term the pipes froze in our classroom and we couldn’t get any water out of the taps. Unfortunately, the tap had been turned on and when the water melted again over the holidays it gushed out. Two sponges and a scrap of paper the size of a 10p managed to block the drain sufficiently to make that sink overflow! It was only when the alarm sounded that we knew something was wrong… but by that point the classroom was flooded with rising levels of water – clean, thankfully! 

Staff worked very hard over the holiday to drain the classroom, rescue resources and clean the carpets. We’ve got a dehumidifier and heaters working overtime to dry our room out even more, but for the time being we’re wearing our normal shoes inside – not pumps.

With the cold weather returning, I’m going to be manning the kettle to thaw the pipes… and making sure the taps are definitely OFF!