Games to play at home

Sunday 09 January 2011


Memory, also known as concentration, is a fantastic game that can be played by even the youngest children, making it a very enjoyable way to learn the phonemic code. Because children generally excel at memory-based games, it also allows them to compete easily with older players.

The player to the dealer’s left starts. On each turn, a player must turn over two cards and pronounce each phoneme. If they match and are a pair the player may keep them if he or she can pronounce the phoneme correctly. If playing with the advanced code phoneme cards, then a word containing that phoneme has to be said in order to keep the pair. Because that player was successful, he/she also gets to take another turn. If, however, the two cards that he/she turns over do not match, then the player must turn them face down again and the next player takes his/her turn. The game is over when all of the pairs have been found. The person with the most pairs is the winner.

Word Card Winners

Place all the cards face down and take it in turns to pick one. If your child says the word correctly they keep it. Read a few words wrongly and encourage your child to spot the mistake. The person with the most cards is the winner.

Have fun!