11 March 2011

Saturday 12 March 2011

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

I can use connectives to discuss whether or not to buy fair trade products.

The idea behind this homework is similar to a recent one on whether or not it’s ever ok to steal. The homework improved children’s use of connectives, so this one should do the same! We’re going to be starting a literacy topic on discussion, so children’s ability to use lots of connectives will be essential.

Examples of the sort of sentences that would be ideal are:

“I think that it’s important to buy fair trade products because…”

“I understand the arguments for buying fair trade products, but I feel that…”

Despite agreeing with the ethics behind fair trade, I think…

“It’s cheaper to buy non-fair trade bananas. However, I try to buy fair trade products because…”

Since learning more about fair trade, I have decided that…”

It’s best to turn the TV off, get a few adults around and let them go first to model good use of connectives if possible.

We’ve been learning about fair trade as part of our Chocolate topic, but their are lots of other fair trade products available such as cocoa, tea, coffee, cotton, beauty products and bananas to name but a few. Check out www.fairtrade.org.uk if you would like to find out more.

Not everyone agrees with fair trade principles. We’ve discussed in class that fair trade products often cost more and are therefore sometimes less attractive purchases for some people, but there are others. The Wikipedia site has lots of information, including opposing views: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_trade.