10 June 2011

Thursday 09 June 2011

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

I can discuss something happening in our world.

We’re just about to start a few week’s work in literacy on news reports and this is a great homework to kick start it! Have a look in newspapers or websites for news stories – there’s a lot to choose from.  TV news might be interesting too, but children won’t be able to see it written down, which might help with literacy.

Then, sit around for a bit and have a chat about what’s going on in the world. It could be in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK or somewhere on the other side of the planet. Talk about what’s happening, why it’s happening, what different people think about it (there’s often different points of view) and what impact this might have in the long run.


All that’s needed in homework books is a short bullet point list of things that were talked about or just a quick note from an adult to say it was discussed.