How’s my child doing at school?

Monday 20 June 2011

We’re still waiting on the Key Stage Two SAT results for Y6, but (just like last year) I’m confident that the children performed extremely well. More importantly, their attitudes and behaviour have been excellent throughout the year – a really great year so far.

Children from Y2 to Y5 have also had some end of year assessments recently. These tests help teachers to decide on a final level to give to each child for reading, writing and maths. They only help teachers decide; for example, if a child performed quite poorly in a test but have excelled throughout the year, teachers would quite possibly ignore a test result. In Reception and Y1, teachers base their final assessment entirely on the children’s day to day actions and abilities.

Soon, you’ll be receiving the end-of-year annual report about your child’s attainment, progress and attitude in school. On the report (except the Reception report), teachers use ticks to indicate how your child is doing.  If you’d like to know their actual level, we’re happy to give you this – just ask me or your child’s teacher near the end of the year.

Pupils in Y2 and Y6 are at the end of a key stage. Because of this, parents of these children will receive a letter alongside their reports with the teacher assessment level on it. Parents / carers of Y6 children will also be told the results of the SAT tests.

Here’s a table to show general, national expectations for the end of each year. Letters are used to indicate a higher or lower level eg 2A is a higher level of attainment than 2C, but a lower level of attainment that 3C.



working below expectations


working within expected levels


working above expectations

Y1 1c 1a / 2c 2b
Y2 1a / 2c 2b / 2a 3c / 3b
Y3 2c 2a / 3c 3b / 3a
Y4 2b / 2a 3b / 3a 4b
Y5 3c 3a / 4c 4a / 5c
Y6 3b / 3a 4b / 4a 5b

From this, you can see that any child reaching Level 5 at the end of the year is working at a level above national expectations. Well done to Yutaro and Rosie for attaining a Level 6 in Maths this year – about the level of an able 14 year old!

Reception children are not given a level. Instead, they are assessed against criteria and typically reach 6 points in each strand, such as reading or numbers for counting and labels. A point is given when adults observe a child securely showing a particular skill or activity.