Reading is fun!

Sunday 02 October 2011

Your child will be bringing a reading book home very soon. At this stage, you can help with their reading by enjoying  books together. Talk  about what they think might happen next in a story and ask them to retell the story themselves using the pictures.  Can they think about what they would feel if they were in the story?

Your enthusiasm for a book will help children to understand that books are exciting.

Focus on the sounds of spoken language by playing games which point out similar sounds in different words. For example, how many things can you find around the house that begin with the sound ‘f’? Share favourite rhymes letting children supply the rhyming word or encouraging them to choose their own silly rhyme. Help children to understand that the marks on the page mean something. Explain that they represent the words and sentences we speak. Point to the words as you read. Show them examples of print around you: the sign on a bus stop, labels at the supermarket, traffic signs, and so on. Read alphabet books together to make the link between the sounds used in words and the letters used to write those sounds. Label your child’s bedroom door to help them to recognise their name.

Share the following books:



If you have any questions about reading and how we teach this in Reception, please ask.