Bronwen’s visit to the Children’s Commissioner

Friday 18 November 2011

You may be aware that one of our Year 6 pupils, Bronwen Grainger, recently took over the role of Children’s Commissioner, Maggie Atkinson, in London.  She has prepared this report of her day:

Report of day as Children’s Commissioner

On Friday 11th November 2011 (Take Over Day and Remembrance Day), at about 10:45, we arrived at Trafalgar Square and met some remarkably young soldiers who had just got back from Afghanistan. We also saw people who had got the licence to be able to drive a submarine plus we also found out that Maggie’s (Children’s Commissioner) husband had also had a career as a submarine driving and got his badge that had 2 dolphins to say he has an official licence. Before the 2 minutes silence, we listened to: the soldiers, a young girl who had an amazing voice and a few others.

Then quickly after that, the royal trumpet player played the tune that they play to wake up the soldiers. Then the 2 minutes started. After the silence, everybody who was there was invited to throw some poppy petals into one of the 2 fountains. Pretty much after that we left to have lunch in a nearby Starbucks. We then got in a taxi and got driven to the Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich where we presented a nearby school called Fox Field Primary school a certificate saying that they had taken part in Take Over Day. We also got to try on some of the clothes they wear in the army in an assembly 2 soldiers performed.

When we got back to the Children’s Commissioner office we got presented with a certificate for taking part in Take Over day, which ended my day as being a Children’s Commissioner. Thank you to Maggie for letting me shadow her, I had a very interesting and enjoyable day.