Achieving Level 3 of the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard…

Monday 30 January 2012

Most of you will know by now that we have achieved Level 3 (the highest level) of the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard.  The assessment visit took place earlier on this term, led by members of Leeds City Council’s Equalities and Entitlement Team.  Here are some extracts from the final report:

Of course, we always want to keep getting better and better.  We welcome the action points which are noted in the report.  These were:

  1. to incorporate some role-play scenarios for older pupils around racism, so they are prepared for the possibility of such incidents after Moortown Primary where they may encounter no real incidents at all
  2. to continue efforts to recruit staff and governors who fully represent the school community, although there was an understanding that we must always recruit the best people for our children
  3. to prepare to publish equality objectives which will become statutory for all public bodies later this year
  4. to support other schools in achieving the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard