A class poem

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Year Six had a very successful afternoon on Tuesday when they wrote  a class poem based on a randomly chosen theme: the family.

The input from the children was excellent and we worked very hard to keep the rhyming and pace of the poem consistent, as well as the humour and fun.

We hope you like it!

The Family

Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts,

Grandpa Joe in his baggy pants,

Cousin Jim and Grandma Ann,

Mum and Dad and baby Dan.

Live together in a great big house,

Nephew Max and his small pet mouse,

Rabbits, fish, cats galore,

Sleeping curled up on the floor.

Children’s toys lay here and there,

People tripping everywhere,

Bang! Crash! There they go,

Grandpa yells, “That hurt my toe!”

Baby Dan in his high chair,

Smearing food in his own hair,

“Oh no!” cried Mum, “Not again!

Get back into your play pen.”

It’s bath time now in our family home,

Bubbles, soap and lots of foam,

Dry yourself and off to bed,

“Peace and quiet!” the parents said.

Children gone to the land of dreams,

Adults have tea and a custard cream,

The day is over, the day is done,

A family day jam-packed with fun.