Stand out stars

Saturday 25 February 2012

Somehow, we’ve passed the half-way point in this school year already. All children have already made progress and loads of children deserve a mention for their achievements so far…

Grace, Fatima, Georgia, Adam and Ebony have all improved their writing really well. For Faizaan, Sami, Lili, Zakib, Luke and Henry, Year 5 maths seems to have sunk in particularly successfully. Keep up the hard work! Husna, Iona and Dovydas’ reading skills have progressed strongly and don’t show any sign of stopping. Ibraheem and Tyler are taking more responsibility for all of their learning. Great work, boys!

Mehar and Meva are now pretty good at all of their times tables – it’s an impressive improvement and it’s all down to hard work. Max andTyler are especially close to earning their pen licences, with Ahmed and Zakib starting to make great progress too. Well done, boys – keep up the hard work! They, like others in the class, just need to work on making their handwriting consistently good.

In art, Nevan and Liam’s drawings and Connor’s sculpture have blown our socks off. Amir’s constant enthusiasm and Riyaz’s infectious laughter have all kept the mood in the classroom really positive. All in all, it’s been a very successful half of a year and the first weeks back after half-term has been filled with determination to continue this learning.

Year 5 is a happy place to learn! Well done, Year 5!