23 March 2012

Friday 23 March 2012

This week’s spellings are ‘problem connectives’ that can be used as openers for a sentence related to the previous sentence or paragraph. For example: “Jessica really enjoys going swimming. However, she prefers playing football.”

As you can see, the reason we call these ‘problem connectives’ is because they lead to a statement that disagrees or offers an alternative to the previous sentence.  I’ve included a comma after each because that’s how they’d often be used.

LO: problem connectives
On the other hand,
In spite of this,
Despite this,

These connectives will really help with the children’s writing next week. They are developing their persuasive skills and are beginning to use the other side of an argument to justify their points. For example, “Some people believe that the school day should be longer. Nevertheless, a large majority of parents disagree.”