Dynamic diary writing

Friday 27 April 2012

The children have been working very hard to write the best diary extract possible.  As a class, we imagined we were moving house and were writing one extract before the move and another once we were in our new house.

Cydnee and Bronwen did a great job. Here’s their work:

Dear Diary,

Today’s the day. The big move. Last night, I had a party and ALL my friends and family came over – it was hard to say goodbye. I’m going to miss everyone but especially Jo Jo, my best friend, he’s always been there for me when I needed him and now I’m going… he’s staying. (I hope no one saw me crying!)

I really hope I can stay in touch with Jo- Jo as he is the best friend I’ve ever had and I don’t want that to change. Even though, there are good things about the move I still feel like Mum and Dad are punishing me for something I haven’t done.  I have no idea what it is, I feel like I’m invisible, like they don’t know I’m here, like my thoughts don’t count- I DON’T WANT TO GO!

Although I’ll miss everyone, the house that we are moving into is massive!!! I’ve even got a double bed-WOOH! Also, my new school looks okay. It’s called Hall Worth Primary-I went for a day last month everyone seems nice but the food doesn’t (YUK! I think I’ll ask for pack lunch!)

This place is a mess; all I can see is boxes, boxes and guess what… more boxes. It doesn’t feel like a house any more- it’s a dump. All the good memories and times that we have shared – GONE.

The moving van’s just arrived I’m SO nervous, Mum and Dad are packing all my stuff in there; like they are in some sort of rush- the next time I write in here I’ll be in a DIFFERENT house-hopefully with a smile on my face. Anyway, got to go get in the car. Wish me luck.


Dear Diary,

I’ve arrived at my new house two weeks ago. It hasn’t yet sunk in that I have just left everything behind. All the different worries that I have been trying to get out of my head just keep coming back to me like: When I’m going to see everyone again, what if this house is haunted and what if no one likes me at school. Am I just crazy? Am I just thinking too much? Am I just over reacting

Mum and Dad are constantly sucking up to me- like they haven’t got anything better to do. THEY were the ones that were in a rush, THEY were the ones that made us move. Anyway, writing about all the bad stuff is just making me feel even worse about the move.

I’m starting my new school tomorrow, that’s one of the things that I’m looking forward too (but still have butterflies!) When I went to the taster day there was this boy called George, who showed me round, he seems really friendly and said that when I came he’d help me settle in. Also, my Mum said that I CAN have packed lunch – thanks.

Last week, we went to get my new school uniform, Mum said I looked like, “A mature and sensible school boy!” I thought I looked silly.

The house isn’t that bad, I mean my room is ALOT bigger than my last one AND I’ve got a flat-screen TV (I guess Mum and Dad are trying to make up for having to move!)

Will write more tomorrow.Got to go and have dinner, fish and chips, YUM!!!!!!!!!!