SEAL theme – Changes

Sunday 04 June 2017

We start this half term with a focus on manners.

Our SEAL statement is I cover my mouth (when I yawn, cough, sneeze).

For coughing and sneezing we have referred to the vampire method of sneezing into your elbow rather than a hand.  After introducing this method a few years ago, it is great to see children now doing this without reminders.

During this half term, we start to think about changes the children will experience in school in terms of moving class, key stage and even school.

This SEAL theme tackles the issue of change and aims to equip children with an understanding of different types of changepositive and negative, and common responses to change. The key ideas and concepts behind this theme are:

Some children may welcome most forms of change and dislike routine and predictability. Other children may find even small changes very difficult.

Perhaps you can support your child’s learning by discussing at home any current and future changes, too.