Great leaders at Moortown

Wednesday 12 July 2017
Leaders in Education

In the last month or so, we’re proud that four of our school leaders have gained national accreditation.

David Roundtree, our Head of Federation, is now designated as a National Leader of Education (NLE) and our school as a National Support School (NSS):

National leaders of education (NLEs) are strong school leaders, who have experience of effectively supporting schools in challenging circumstances. NLEs work… to provide high quality support to those who need it most.

In addition, we have three Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) amongst our staff. SLEs are:

experienced middle or senior leader who [provide support to] middle and senior leaders in other schools…

The roles of NLE and SLE involve working to support individuals or schools which need support. Moortown Primary has a long, successful history of providing such support to other schools, whilst ensuring our own children are all happy and healthy, successful learners.

We’re proud that everyone at Moortown Primary are effective, enthusiastic and skilled practitioners. The status of NLE for David Roundtree goes hand in hand with the school being a national support school (NSS). This is to recognise the fact that our staff are likely to work alongside the NLE in any support we may provide.