Explorers, are you ready?

Tuesday 19 September 2017

We kicked off our Big Topic with a wander around our local area. Before leaving the classroom, we discussed what would make a great explorer – the children said that a great explorer should have:

During this topic, we’ll be using the story of Meerkat Mail to support our Image result for meerkat mailjourneying and exploring of our world and the places we can go. Melvin (the meerkat) decided to tag along with us on our quest around Moortown. Check out what we discovered with Melvin…

Melvin saw some flats…
He stumbled upon a school…
He found some traffic lights and saw lots of busy traffic…
Melvin came across a bin…
…and we had to stop Melvin going off on a shopping spree along the parade of shops!
Melvin found this – the children told him it was a place to get money.
Melvin was a little peckish when he discovered a bakery!
He found some roadworks. Prayan and Daniel told Melvin that the big machine was a digger!
A bus stop was the next place Melvin found!
Uh oh! Melvin found some litter whilst he was exploring – oh dear!
The children told Melvin that this was a post box and it’s where you posted letters to friends and family. Melvin was especially keen on this – he likes writing postcards!
Finally, Melvin the meerkat found some houses: semi-detached and detached.

Be sure to support your child by quizzing them about their day and their topic lessons. Our Explorers topic is bound to be a hit!