Sunday 24 September 2017

Year 2 launched into the whole-school Explorers topic this week by becoming explorers in our local area.

We looked out for physical and human features as we explored.

After our visit, we discussed what we liked and disliked about our local area.  A lot of the children had noticed litter on the ground, sometimes very close to a bin, and that was something they didn’t like. Because of this, we are planning some litter picking in the coming weeks.

Traffic was also something that was commented on.

We will be using our maths skills this week to record just how much traffic there is around school.  This traffic survey will be exchanged with Scholes (Elmet) Primary and St James (CE) Primary to make comparisons.

We’ve had a great start to the big topic so far and are looking forward to lots more exploring.  Below is an overview of the topic.

In this Big Topic, your child will become an intrepid explorer, embarking on an amazing adventure of discovery.  Children will compare the physical and human geography of different localities.  They’ll use maps, atlases and globes to help them plan journeys into the unknown!  Geography learning will be key in this whole-school topic, thought the children will also enjoy other subjects, too.  Maths skills, for example, will be used – children might look at positional language, coordinates, or statistics.  Your child will also be encouraged to explore and learn about their own locality.  Why not involve your child when planning a trip to explore some local attractions like Leeds Art Gallery or the Yorkshire Sculpture Park?