Marvellous Maths

Wednesday 27 September 2017

This week, we’ve shifted our mathematical focus to the first of the four operations – addition and subtraction. On Monday, we sorted some calculations into ones we could do mentally, ones that we’d need to make jottings for and ones that we’d need to use a formal method for (column addition or subtraction).

After we’d sorted the calculations, we had a go at each one using a range of mental methods. We even had the chance to create a story for some of them.

Yesterday, we reminded ourselves about column addition. We used concrete manipulatives (like Base 10 and counters) to check we understood the process and then played a game in pairs that meant we got loads of practice in. Some of us made posters that explained the method. Children will use these if they get stuck during our lesson today.

It’s really easy to practise addition and subtraction at home. Simply create two (or three) random numbers and add or subtract them (using both formal and mental methods were necessary). You can check your answer using a calculator. For an added challenge, create a story for the calculation.