Signing off: Highlights of Year 5

Thursday 18 July 2019

Our homework this week was creative: I can show my highlights of the year. In true Y5 style, the homework was smashed out of the park.

Some decided to show their favourite subject, like Serenity’s mini art gallery to represent her creative learning…

… or Laila’s Lego rounders pitch to represent PE and our trip to Roundhay Park.

Some created amazing posters to represent lots of different highlights…


… like World Book Day, our trip to the Bradford Media Museum or our several themed weeks across the year just to name a few!

Others made a countdown to rank their highlights…

… like Will’s Top Five which included our courtroom reenactment, 5/6 production and both our class novels…

… and Maggie even created hers using PowerPoint which was incredibly funny and emotional at the same time! “Does Miss Wilson really live in the cupboard and will she have to move house to the ‘apartment’ next door over the summer? We will never know.”

For some reason, many of the class had latched onto the fact that I can’t speak properly sometimes and I mix up my words. Once, I was trying to say “Dan had” and ended up calling him “Dad” in class. Hilarity ensued.

Another classic was asking everyone if they had a “spare purple pen” that came out as “spurple pen” and with it a long-running joke was born. Here it is being demonstrated by a larger than life homework submission.

Lots, lots, lots of the class mentioned how their highlight was simply bonding and spending time with their best friends, as demonstrated by Poppy and Kirsten’s ace collage.

Well done everyone, yet again! I could have posted everyone’s homework but these were just a couple of the brilliant ones.

My personal highlight has been getting to know each and every one of you and learning so much but having a good laugh along the way. I couldn’t ask for a better class to take up to year six for your last ever year of primary school. Enjoy the summer and I’m excited to see you all in September for our best year yet!

Miss Wilson x