We’re ready and responding in Year 2

Wednesday 11 September 2019

This week, Year 2 have continued to demonstrate great listening and learning skills as we settle in to new routines and lessons. Being ready and responding to feedback are the two 8Rs for learning we are focusing on this week. Our 8Rs for learning promote good learning behaviour.

We’ve started to follow daily routines including putting reading books in the reading group baskets. Books will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday but it is important for children to have their books at school every day in case they are reading with an adult. Please do briefly record in their reading record books when your child reads at home.

This week, we met our own material monster, named ‘M and M’, as we begin our new science learning all about materials.

‘This is a peg. It is made from wood and metal.’

‘This is a __________. It is made from _______.’

‘This is a __________. It is made from _________.’

What is the bell made from?

What materials have been used to make the door?

This learning supported our english work of rehearsing sentences. We encourage the children to speak/answer questions in full sentences and then to check their sentence makes sense.

Meanwhile in maths, our focus has been numbers to 100.

In this learning, we’ve used our base 10 resources to create numbers and record using digits and words.

A great start to the week, Year 2!