World Mental Health Day

Friday 11 October 2019

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, and Y6 did some research to find out more.

First, we learnt what makes efficient search terms. Challenge your child to explain! Take a look at this RIC:

For example, to find out the answer to this question: “What is the population of people living in Leeds, West Yorkshire, this year?” you would use much more efficient search terms. Ask your child what they would enter into the search engine.

Next, we focussed on being safe online by discussing bias (ie paid advertising vs factual content), quality of life (ie were these web pages contributing positively to our lives?) and protecting ourselves (ie not entering passwords/email addresses, avoiding pop ups). We researched some questions about World Mental Health Day using effective search terms, a variety of search engines and trusted websites.

Some important information we found out is that mental health can affect everyone. To look after yourself you need to: