31 March

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Happy Tuesday, Year 2! We hope you’ve had your breakfast and you are ready for today’s learning.

Here are your daily physical and mindfulness activities for you to try.

Physical activity: #ThisisPE has just been launched by Yorkshire Sport Foundation to support parents and carers to teach some PE at home and we love this first video based on tennis skills.  Videos will be posted at 1pm on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. You don’t need sports equipment – all the videos will use items that you can find around the home.

Mindfulness activity: Each day we take about 20,000 breaths. Try this flower breathing exercise to bring attention to your breathing.


There’s even more Lexia success to announce – Olivia, Betsy and Ralph have achieved their next level.

Task 1 reading

Based on the fluency text from yesterday, here are some words with definitions.

spill – where a liquid goes over the edge of a container

broth – a kind of soup

tablecloth – a cover for a table

disgusting – something not very nice

loud – not quiet

chew – to use your teeth to break up food in your mouth

glad – happy

Did you spot the rhyming pattern in the poem?

Firstly, spend ten minutes on Lexia (if you can access this at home).

Today, we are looking at another image from Pobble365 titled Animal Town.

1.What jobs might the animals in the picture do in Animal Town?

2.How might Animal Town be different to a human town?

3.What problems could happen in Animal Town?

4.Would animals be better off without humans?

Challenge: If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

Task 2 maths

Here are your answers from yesterday.

A face is a flat or curved surface on a 3D shape.

An edge is where two faces meet.

A vertex is a corner where edges meet. The plural is vertices

Today’s learning

Complete the following reasoning questions based on the properties of 3D shapes.






Test this by sorting these 3D shapes onto the venn diagram – sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, square based pyramid and cuboid.

Task 3 writing

How many errors did you spot yesterday? Here are the answers.

Here is the Animal Town image again.

Most visitors are a little shocked (to put it mildly) when they arrive at Animal Town. Despite the fact that the name of the town gives a slight indication to passers-by that the inhabitants of the town are ‘not normal’, it’s as if people don’t believe things until the see them with their own eyes!

1.Imagine you are a visitor in Animal Town. Try to describe your experience. What might you see? What might you hear?

Challenge: Would you like to visit Animal Town? Give three reasons why or why not.