22 May 2020: Home learning

Thursday 21 May 2020

Drum roll please…

I am delighted to announce episode three of Y6’s Hall of Home Learning Fame is NOW LIVE! Click here to see if you’ve made it this week and to see how I’ve been perfecting some skills during lockdown (and creating only one small fire hazard).

Y6 Virtual Residential Day Three

Click here for today’s explanation of the tasks.

Click here for a summary.

Y5&6 Geography – LO: natural resources

Today’s task is to complete this lesson from BBC Bitesize. You need to complete activities one and two.

Y5 Maths Thursday answers

Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: maths challenge
Your task today is to give it your best shot at the following maths challenge! Have a go with members of your household, too!
Click here to start!
Email me if you have any questions!
Y5&6 Reading – LO: I can recommend books and other texts.
Today we would like you to choose one of your favourite books or texts (it doesn’t have to be a book – just something you’ve really enjoyed reading) and recommend it to someone! This could be a friend or family member – whichever is possible.
When making your recommendations, we would like you to:
– mention what the text is about
– give reasons for your choice
– think about who you are going to recommend the text to
An example sentence within your recommendation may look something like this:
I would recommend the Harry Potter series of books because through Harry, Ron and Hermione’s friendship it shows you that your friends can become your family. Additionally, it teaches you to appreciate the people close to you.”
Remember to send an email if you have any questions!