22 May 2020: Home Learning

Thursday 21 May 2020


Hope you’re all okay. Click here for a short message from me.

Answers from yesterday’s learning:

Y4 – Reading – Thursday – ANSWERS

Y4 – Maths – Position- Lesson 4 – ANSWERS

Today’s learning:

It’s the Love of Reading session today so grab a book, get comfortable and enjoy reading. For a change you might want to do some different. If so, you could draw a character from the book you’re reading, write a review of the book, change the ending to a favourite story.

The maths lesson are the daily challenge from the BBC lessons. If you’re finding these too difficult have a go at the ones on the Y3 page. Alternatively, if you’re finding them too easy, have a go at the Y5 challenges. Click here for the link.

In today’s music lesson,  we are going to use our musical talents. I know some of you play instruments and lots of you love singing and dancing to rhythms.This is a fantastic lesson on pulse and rhythm. Follow this link from Oak Academy to practice your beats and rhyme. You may need a pencil and paper to make some notes.