Week 12: 01 July 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Here’s a little reminder about the extra task I’d like you to do this week. It’s completely optional but it’d be amazing if we could get everyone in Moortown’s class of 2020 to take part… hint hint!!!

I’d like you to film a short clip of yourself describing a favourite memory from primary school. It could be a sports day, an in joke from class or a funny Y4 residential memory.  Get thinking!

If you want to, I’d also like you to add why you’re proud of yourself/why it’s awesome to be you and what you want to be when you grow up. 

Send your videos (they can be separate but no longer than 30 – 60 seconds) to my email address:

[email protected]

Maths – LO: pie charts

Join me for today’s video by clicking here.

Then, complete task one, task two and a challenge.

Reading – LO: fact or opinion
Today’s lesson is about a famous artist we explored back in our art topic in September! The famous artist we are going to be reading about today is: Milton Glaser.
Can you remember him?
Your task is to read this text about him and pick out or infer 10 pieces of information from it.
With your 10 pieces of information, you are to categorise them into either fact or opinion.
Here are two examples:
Fact: Milton Glaser was born in New York City, June 26 1929.
Opinion: Milton Glaser has produced some amazing pieces of artwork.
Remember, if you don’t know what any words/phrases in the text mean, find out!
Geography – LO: The Galápagos Islands
Today, we’re taking a trip and learning about the Galápagos Islands’ environment, location and animals!
Using this website, read the article, watch the videos and then complete both activities one and two.
As always, we’d love to see your postcards so send us an email!