11 September 2020

Friday 11 September 2020

The homework this week is Practice Makes Perfect and should be completed by Thursday 17 September.

I can learn a rhyme by heart.

As we begin our learning in Year 1 with the whole school topic of After the Fall, we’d like the children to learn the nursery rhyme associated with the book, Humpty Dumpty. We’d love to see some videos of the children reading/singing the rhyme ([email protected] and [email protected]).

The children can listen to the rhyme here.

On Friday, the children will be bringing home their homework book. Please do have a look inside this book as there is some useful information including our homework guide.

Taken from the Autumn for All document, here’s some information about how homework is a bit different at the start of this year.

We’re setting weekly homework as we normally do. The key difference here is that Homework Books should stay at home for the time being.
Just as normal, the tasks are posted on the website. Instead of the task pasted into books, children take home a piece of paper with the task on, too. The tasks are a variety of Talk Time, Practice Makes Perfect and Creative, but especially the first two.
Parents can email a picture or update about a completed task (just as many have been doing with the home learning tasks we set in Spring and Summer terms). The homework will be reviewed in school, so some pictures would be good!