Welcome back Y3!

Sunday 13 September 2020

I’ve been extremely impressed at how well Year 3 have adapted to life back in school! They’ve got on with everything so far with no trouble at all – it’s like they’ve had no time away!

This week, we have enjoyed lots of different learning.

In maths, we recapped our tens and ones and have moved onto learning about hundreds, too! We’ve been making silly stories involving aliens and sweets to help us with our maths learning!

In reading, we made predictions and inferences with our new class novel: After the Fall. Nobody was able to predict the plot twist at the end though!

In writing, we were remembering what makes a sentence and then starting sentences using different words, such as:

Humpty nervously climbed the ladder.


Nervously, Humpty climbed the ladder.

See if your child can remember the things that make a sentence! Tip: one of them is a capital letter to start the sentence.

We have enjoyed learning about different classes of animals in science, too.

Edith correctly remembered that reptiles can normally be distinguished by the fact that they lay eggs on land; have dry, scaly skin; and are cold-blooded!

To help at home, practise reading with your child everyday. This can be anything from reading instructions on how to make a cake, talking about what they’ve read at school, going on Lexia (logins to be sent home tomorrow) to reading this post together!

Make sure your child practises their times tables everyday, too. The logins for Times Table Rock Stars are to be sent home tomorrow as well.

Here’s to another successful week!

Mr Wain