Welcome to Y5!

Monday 14 September 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to Y5!

We’ve had a great start, with children making really good choices in class and showing a wonderful enthusiasm for learning. Let’s keep it up! It’s lovely to be back with such a lovely class. Thanks for making the first week so much fun, Y5!

Here’s a little about our plans for the next few weeks…

In maths, we’re gradually building up to year five content by first recapping learning from year four to make sure everyone feels confident. We’re starting with place value (eg In 6,934 what does the 9 represent? It has nine hundreds.) before moving on to addition and subtraction.

Help at home by practising some simple addition and subtraction calculations such as 1899 + 1492 or  2693 – 1411.

In writing, we’re looking at instructions.  Soon, we will be writing our own about caring for a mysterious creature.

Help at home by practising sentences that start in different ways. You could start with:

In reading, we’re using our whole school novel ‘After the Fall’. You should check it out – it’s a cracking read!

Help at home by reading every day! I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t matter what it is, where it takes place or who is reading to who. Better readers make better learners. 🙂

In topic, we’ll be inspired by ‘After the Fall’. Watch out for paper aeroplanes and even parachutes…