First week back!

Friday 07 January 2022


Year 4 have just left school for the weekend after our first week of the Spring Term. I want to say a huge well done to all the children for settling straight back into school after a well deserved Christmas break. They’ve remembered their manners, speaking and listening skills and have been ready to learn. This tied in well with our Living and Learning statement –  I don’t interrupt (with my voice or my hand) – in which they demonstrated perfectly!

We also began our new Topic, which is History – Romans and the Anglo-Saxons. The class were really engaged and were overflowing with facts and information that they already know about these time periods. Some of these had come from our Latin lessons too!

You can help at home by visiting BBC Bitesize and looking at the history surrounding the Romans.

I hope we have carry on to have a fantastic Spring Term!


Miss Birch