Living & Learning: Staying safe online

Sunday 13 February 2022

In Staying safe week, our visitor, Sarah from Go Wise Online, shared some great tips for staying safe online. The internet is a great resource but we need to stay safe when using it.

In class, we considered how the children use the internet and some of the online games that are popular. For each game, we checked the PEGI ratingFortnite, for example, has a PEGI rating of 12 meaning the game is suitable for children age 12 and up.

To link with our current science learning, seasonal changes, we used iPads to find out answers to some of the questions we had.

When searching on the internet, we need to be aware what to do if something comes on the screen that makes us scared or sad. We also learnt about the padlock that can be found at the start of some web addresses (URL).

Discuss these questions with your child.

Here’s some pictures of our safe searches.

Finally, we watched some videos to give us some more advice about staying safe online. Watch them again and discuss the key safety messages with your child.

Jessie and friends

Digiduck and the magic castle