Living & Learning – I know the importance of personal hygiene.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

What does being healthy mean?

Lots of us also said about the important balance of mental and physical health.

How might you know if you are ill?

More importantly, if you are ill you could:

– go to the doctors
– test yourself
– take medicine (ask a trusted adult first)
– go to the chemist or pharmacy
– rest, get enough sleep, fresh air, keep drinking water

Why is personal hygiene important?

“Otherwise, we’ll spread germs, viruses and bacteria to others around you,” said Leah.

“It keeps you clean and if you don’t you might get sick,” explained Christina.

“It keeps yourself and others safe,” said Billy.

What should you do if someone is having an allergic reaction?

“If it’s serious, call 999 or 112 and ask if they have an injection that might help. If they do, read the instructions for how to use it. See if they’re doing well. Help them to sit in a position to help them breathe. If it’s still getting worse, get ready to perform CPR,” explained Khadija.

What is a vaccine and how does it work?

Aadil says, “A person named Edward Jenner wanted to be a doctor. He practised in his home town where there was a serious virus called smallpox. There was another mild one called cowpox. The people of the town said if you got cowpox it’s very unlikely you get smallpox. He went to the gardener’s son and gave a bit of the cowpox pus to the boy. He recovered quickly. Then, he also gave the smallpox pus to the boy and amazingly he did not get infected. The name vaccine comes from the Latin word for cow which is vacca which you’d say ‘wacca’!”