Living and Learning: Health and prevention (sleep)

Sunday 20 March 2022

Our recent Living and Learning lesson was all about the importance of sleep.

Our learning explored why sleep is so important in our lives, how it can sometimes be difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, and how to manage this. We also considered what the children can do to help themselves have good habits that can help them to fall asleep.

Firstly, we heard a story about a girl called Mia. We had to identify the things that were STOPPING her from getting to sleep.

As a class, we had a great discussion about what can HELP Mia (and us) to get to sleep and what might STOP us from getting to sleep.

Here are some of the ideas generated.

Hopefully the children have been sharing this knowledge to help with their own bedtime routines.

For further sleep support, here are some resources you might want to look at.
• NHS sleep specific website for younger children
Childline – for general advice about concerns
• Specific NHS advice on sleep is available here
Sleep Charity – for sleep tips and links to other organisations