Living and Learning – First Aid

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Last week, Y4 learnt what to do in case someone is suddenly ill, injured or needs help.

Basic Rules:

➤If an accident happens, it is most important that before you do anything else you must ensure that it is safe to approach and offer help.
➤If anything happens to you then you will be unable to help anyone else. This could mean one casualty then becomes two.

If it’s serious, call 999 and remember LIONEL…

Location. Tell them where the emergency is and where you want them to arrive.
Incident. Tell them what has happened.
Other services. Do you need more than one?
Number of people that are involved.
Extent of the injuries. What types of injuries do people have?
Location. Repeat again where they need to arrive.

What would you do in an emergency?