Computing Experts

Thursday 31 March 2022

This half term, Y6 have been programming a range of complex games on Scratch.

First, we made an animation where a sprite walked up the stairs. It sounds easy but it wasn’t!

We needed to use selection and repetition. Challenge your child to define these terms and why programmers use them.

Next, we created a quiz called Chatbot!

“It was very fun to do. We had to make a quiz that chats to you and asks you a couple of questions. You had to get them right but if not it would say, ‘Unkucky!’” said Lewis.

Finally, and most difficult, came the Times Tables Quiz game. We had to use variables. Ask your child which variables they used in their game.

“Our game has two sprites and we added sounds for when the players gets it right and a weird laugh when they get it wrong. One character is happy and the other is called potato head!” laughed Thanu.