Living and Learning: First aid

Thursday 31 March 2022

Our Living and Learning focus has been first aid over the last two weeks.

The children have learnt how the emergency services can help others, what is first aid and what situations might need someone to give first aid.

Listen again to a 999 call that was made by a 6 year old when her mum collapsed.  We heard the key questions that would be asked if someone needed to call 999.

What emergency service do you need? Where are you? What happened?

Then, we thought about some of the injuries and illnesses that might happen that would mean they need first aid (inside the outline of the person).

Then, we drew a line from the injury to the outside of the outline of the person, thinking about what first aid the person might need to help them recover.

Around the outer edge of the person we added some things you could say to someone to comfort them.