Living and Learning – Democracy

Monday 02 May 2022

Last week, Year 4 delved deeper into the topic of ‘democracy’.

Democracy comes from two Greek words:
Dêmos means people and Krátos means rule or strength.
So, democracy means ‘rule by the people’. 

We learned:

The important part of this learning is that democracy is about more than just voting. There are lots of ways that people can participate and make their voice heard!  You can email your MP, campaign for what you believe is right and petition your government.

In Year 4, we participate in voting for our rewards, what books we read and who we believe has been most successful.

For example, the School Library Service is holding a competition to celebrate reading for KS2 children in Leeds. They could be shortlisted to go to an award ceremony and the prize is being crowned Leeds School Librarian 2022.
The class nominated one ‘reading champion’ to put forward for the competition and this person is… Leon! Well done!