We are geographers!

Sunday 08 May 2022

This half-term, Year 2 are becoming geographers. As part of our Explorers topic, we’re comparing a place in the United Kingdom with a place in another country. This week, we started to compare Kenya to the United Kingdom and Nairobi to London. We focussed on the physical and human geography of these two places and noted the similarities between the two capital cities. Ask your child to tell you all about Nairobi.

As well as visiting Kenya, we have been learning about the seven continents, five oceans and about how the equator splits the earth into two hemispheres.

We have really enjoyed learning the continents and oceans by listening to and singing along to the great songs.

Oceans song

Continents song 

How can you help?

Google Earth is a brilliant tool to help develop children’s understanding of space, place, scale and interdependence. Zoom right in on your home and then zoom out to reveal the area of Leeds that you live in. Zoom further out to see what city you live. Zoom further for the county. A little further and you might start to spot some national parks. Further still and you can see the country that we live in. Keep zooming and you’ll see the continent we live in (though this isn’t labelled).

Quizzing your children about some locational knowledge will help them to remember important information.