Living and Learning – Body Image

Monday 23 May 2022

This week in Year 4, we spoke about what body image is and how important it is that we have a positive and healthy body image.

The media are well known for editing and modifying images of celebrities and models to fit their idea of beauty. We identified how certain images have been edited and why the media would want to do this. We decided as a class that they do this in order to persuade us to buy their products.

The class discussed how important it was to accept and make friends with the things that we can’t change about ourselves. This creates a positive voice in our head where we feel happy and confident. We can change certain things about ourselves such as, eating healthily and exercising regularly which is key.

Every single person is special and beautiful in there own way and everyone has their own view of what that means. Beauty is in the eye of beholder!

Ask your child at home what they think is more important – beauty outside or beauty within!