Living and Learning: Body image

Friday 27 May 2022

Body image, as part of our Living and Learning curriculum, uses a focus on self-esteem to promote a positive body image. There is a strong emphasis on appreciating and celebrating everyone’s unique qualities, talents and abilities.

We want to enable pupils to feel proud and confident about who they are and to value their own and each other’s individuality.

Firstly, we talked about what makes us special – maybe something physical or personal. Here are some of the children’s ideas.

I’m special as I love reading books.

I’m special because I can make new friends.

I’m special because I hard try hard with my learning.

I’m special as I’m brave by swimming in a big pool.

I’m special because I’m good at helping others.

Next, we discussed why we have names and what if everyone was nameless?

If we didn’t have names, we wouldn’t be as special as we are.

We have names because we are unique and special.

We need names as we wouldn’t know who people are.

A name makes us special.

Then, we considered why we like different activities.

We like different activities because we are different people.

Some people like different things.

Not everyone likes the same thing because we are all different.

It would be boring if everyone liked the same things. It is good to share each others’ successes and interests.

Remember – not everyone can be good at everything but everyone is good at something.

Finally, we thought about why we look different and what things we can change and what things we can’t change about ourselves.

You can change your personality because if you don’t share with others, you can learn to share.

You can’t change your skin colour.

Listen to this text, Your Body is Awesome, with your child. What is brilliant about their body?

It’s always great to hear the children discussing and sharing ideas in our Living and Learning sessions. The children always have such a lot to say about this key area of our learning. A special mention to Erica who showed fantastic listening skills to all the children as they shared their ideas in this lesson.