Amazing skipping

Thursday 09 June 2022

Today, the day had finally come. It was the event we had been building up to after all our skipping practicing – the Year 2 Skipping Festival!

Jodi, Chris and Katie welcomed us and the other five schools to the event at Armley Leisure Centre. First of all, there was a skipping warm up for everyone before the individual skippers did their events. The children were so encouraging and supportive to their class mates and every child tried their best and performed amazingly well.

Next, it was time for the group events. The children worked so well together in their teams and once again, we were so proud of what they have achieved. Even in the last few days, we have seen some of the children mastering these new skills.

Finally, it was time for the results. The tension was mounting…

Double bounce – Rory 1st and Erica 1st

Single bounce – Daniyal 2nd and Roshni joint 1st

Side straddle – Aaron 2nd and Haleema 1st

Side swing – Ibrahim Sh 2nd and Grace 3rd

We were so pleased to have received so many awards. Sadly, we weren’t the winning school but we were amazed to hear that we were in 2nd place out of six schools and that it was very close between us and the winners.

The children have been so resilient, determined and have definitely believed in themselves (even when it has been hard learning new skills) and we are very proud of them all.

To be told by one of the class at the end of the event, ‘thank you for teaching us to skip’, made it all worthwhile!

Here’s some of the action. Keeeeep skipping!