Living and learning: relationships

Monday 04 July 2022

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about relationships that are important to us, in particular our friends and family.

We came up with lots of ways to be a good friend and what friends do to make us feel happy (a healthy relationship).

We thought about the importance of family and we recognised that all families are different. We respect these differences.

The ways people care for each other in these families remains the same.

Here are some of our special people and why they are important to us.

Daddy is fun because he is really fun to play with.

Mummy is special because she looks after me if I am sad.

Aaron is special to me because if I get hurt, he helps me.

Erica is special to me as she makes me feel happy.

My grandma is special to me because she tells me the finniest stories at bedtime.

My whole family are special because they look after me.

Finally, we reminded ourselves of the important NSPCC Underwear rule  and enjoyed the Pantosaurus song too. Hope you can share this important learning again with your child at home.