Living and learning: drug education

Thursday 14 July 2022

In Living and Learning, we have been learning all about drugs and keeping safe around drugs. For Year 2, this learning was based on things that go into our bodies and onto our skin and how to manage risk around household products and medicines.

Our definition of a drug is a substance that changes the way our body or mind works.

Firstly, we thought about the things that are good and not so good for our bodies.

We identified that some things that go into or onto our bodies can be harmful and how we might know that.

We reviewed our ideas and talked about how some things can be both helpful and harmful.

Hygiene products helps us to keep clean but might be harmful if we swallow them. The same with cleaning products. There might even be labels on these items to show they can be harmful. Have a look to see if you can spot any labels and hazard symbols on these items at home. Where are these products kept in the home?

If someone eats too many sweets or drinks too much (fizzy drink) it can damage their teeth and make them feel ill.

Our second lesson focussed on medicines – what they look like, how they are used and why people use them. Safety around medicines was also a key part of this learning.

As always in our Living and Learning sessions, we talked about how to seek help about this and who we would ask.

Finally, this week Dave from d:side came to visit to support this learning about drugs.

What three things go in our body?

Checking the size of our lungs.

Locating our heart

What are the jobs of these parts of the body?

Let’s try and remember where those parts of the body go.

Our two lungs

Our heart

Our liver

Our stomach

The children gave some great responses to share their understanding.