Learning new food preparation skills

Monday 18 July 2022

Today, Year 2 have been learning some food preparation skills while making a fruit salad. This learning also included a reminder about the 5-a-day message and that a fruit can be fresh, dried, tinned or frozen.

There are two main techniques we use for cutting – bridge hold and claw grip and the children learnt to use these techniques safely today.  We also used peeling, segmenting and mixing skills. Ask your child to demonstrate these techniques at home.

We talked a lot about safety and food preparation especially around using sharp knives, that are kept in a locked drawer, and getting ready to cook (washing hands, cleaning down surfaces, tying hair back).

Then, it was time for the tasting!

I enjoyed eating the melon.

I didn’t like strawberries before but now I like them.

Now I like blueberries.

I liked the juicy melon and strawberries.

I learnt how to make a fruit salad and I want to make one at home.

I liked the melon because it was nice and juicy.

I learnt how to do the bridge and claw skill.

I learnt how to cut safely.

I learnt how to do the bridge skill for cutting the grapes.

I learnt how to use the claw skill for cutting the stalk off the strawberry.

The frozen fruit made the fruit salad moist.

I liked that when the frozen fruit defrosted, it was all juicy.

I enjoyed learning how to do the bridge hold and I liked eating the fruit.