Living and Learning – drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Monday 18 July 2022

The last couple of weeks have been focused on talking about drugs, alcohol and tobacco. This topic is really important. The children became familiar and educated on these substances so that once they are old enough, they can make safe and informed decisions on what they choose to do.

The year 4 children identified how certain drugs and household items (i.e. paracetamol or surface cleaner) should be used safely. They were really sensible and knew exactly what to do:

D:side came in the following week to talk about alcohol and it was a fantastic session with lots of interactive activities that the children loved! The session wasn’t to worry the children about alcohol but just to make them aware of what it is and the rules around it.  The children began acting out how they would respond if a friend was pressuring them to drink alcohol and they even got to try the alcohol glasses on and have a walk around the classroom – tricky!