Living and Learning: 8 Rs for Learning

Monday 03 October 2022

Hi everyone!

Y6 have been very impressive during our Living and Learning (L&L) sessions so far this year. We have had some very mature, respectful and honest discussions about different aspects of L&L.

One session in particular looked at the 8 Rs for Learning.

These are the things we do in our every day lives that make us successful. These can be achieved during lesson time, playtime, lunchtime, at home, at the weekend, in the evening etc. We refer to the 8 Rs for Learning a lot during lessons but they could also be referred to at home… by you!

They are:

Responsible – trying your best with your learning (responsibility at home could be being in charge of some household jobs)
Resourceful – using our learning walls to find out an answer or getting equipment from the spares if needed
Resilient – not giving up even if the learning is tricky
Ready – being ready on 321 STOP and arriving at school on time to begin learning
Risk-taking – a safe risk includes putting your hand up even if you’re unsure of the answer
Reflective – thinking about the learning you’ve done or the day you’ve had and how it has impacted you
Responsive – responding to feedback and learning from mistakes
Remembering – remembering learning (this could be practising your times tables)

We frequently use these 8 Rs in our learning but they are valuable life skills that can be followed all the time.

See if your child shows any of the 8 Rs whilst at home or out and about. Can they remember them all?

See you soon!