Me and My Community Week!

Thursday 10 November 2022

Last week in school, we had a themed week. The theme was:

Me and My Community

The week saw us enjoy a whole host of different tasks, activities and fun things to do with our community!

On Tuesday, we went to Allerton Grange High School and enjoyed a drama session where we role played showcasing the things we love about Moortown Primary School.

On Wednesday, we had a visitor come and talk to us and raise our awareness of the visually impaired.

On Thursday, we had visitors from the LGBTQ+ community come and talk to us about their community.

On Friday, we had the Leeds United Football Foundation come and talk to us about diversity, equality and inclusion. Then, in the afternoon, West Yorkshire Police came and talked to us about hate crimes.

A very important, jam-packed week for everyone! Well done, Y6!